Getuigenis Ying

I found Welpsy in October 2020 while looking online for a therapist that is experienced and specialised in burnout and cultural topics. I have been living in The Netherlands for 15 years, but I still face some unhappinesses and discomforts, due to some cultural conflicts. Chronical negative experiences and stress led me to a burnout. However, I prefer a natural recovery than relying on medical treatment, so I decided to ask if Welpsy could help me.

My therapist, Roberto, made a very detailed intake with me and covered all my background and historical experiences. Additionally, he listened to my current complaints and reviewed my diets as well. Through our talks I also learned paying more attentions to my nutrition intake as I realised they can affect my emotions on a daily basis.

Roberto is a very attentive, friendly, considerate and professional therapist. He focuses not only on a talk which helps me feel better after the therapy, but also through his professional diagnosis on my history, he proposed some activities which help me intensely aware of what I am sensing and feeling in the moment. The prescribed supplements helped me to get back to a more peaceful status. To me, he did much more than i expected of a psychologist and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a natural psychological treatment. He is especially good cultural topics and i feel very easy to have a conversation with and addressing my difficulties to him. Last but not the least, he always wears a smile and creates a positive sfeer :).